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An Oz, A Muse – This Summer, the NYC’s Fashion New!

An Oz, A Muse – This Summer, the NYC’s Fashion New!


Up goes the gaze, looking for a traversing chariot across the blue skies of NYC. Nah, it’s still not here!
But, aye the summer isn’t far.


Get Mules This Summer


Say Goodbye to Round Toe Shoes

NYC can rightfully be considered to be the hub of fashion and trends change with each season. Last year’s shoes were all about the having round toe pumps, heels and boots. Unfortunately, fashion is fickle and each season, the style changes at the drop of a hat.


Sunny but cold Spring day on Madison Ave.

A fashion model I am guessing carries Marc Jacobs shopping bags
 during a photo shoot at Madison Avenue in Manhattan today.
  I wasn't the only one with a camera taking a snap
or two as she crossed the street.


Get daring, with electric blue eyeshadow for summer 2017!

The passion for electric blue goes a long way back: Egyptians used to produce the pigment from precious stones, such as lapis lazuli, and women used to wear it a sort of handmade eye shadow on their eyelids.


Olivers People Sunglass

So today was my day to get a new set of sunglasses since I only wear Olivers People
I picked out the latest ones ...

Laundry day in the Big City fashionably dressed

Doing laundry is no easy task, because cute Brittney has to wash 
 the clothes, dry them, iron and fold them...

Madison Avenue New York!

What a beautiful spring day in the city today. I felt like going for a ride on my Segway and decided to glide on Madison Ave.....