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Spring in Central Park NYC

Spring has arrived in Central Park! Colors come alive again and parks are filled with many people enjoying the change of the season.

Why fashion models don’t smile

You’d be lying if you say that you haven’t ever wondered why most of the runway models don’t smile.

Why female fashion models don't wear undergarments?

They wear thongs for hygiene, but why should they wear bras?
It has nothing to do with attracting viewers, because few if any models wear bras during runway shows ever,
 and they are rarely on TV.


klaustini Cocktail

There’s only ONE Klaustini and it’s made with Hendrix Gin, Savignon Blanc and Saint Germain, all others are just cocktails!


NYC Fashion Trends for Spring

Best Fashion Trends
Spring is in the air and it’s deepening to summer but in New York, the crisp colors of spring are currently dominating the city. Based the latest trends showcased in New York Fashion week, there are plenty of wearable trends that can make way into your wardrobe this spring. The following are some of my favorites.

The Best Hairstyles to Try

Best Hairstyles

New York’s Fashion Week has been one of the best, featuring a lot of hairstyles and clothing styles that are easy to wear in everyday life. For me, New York style has always been the definition of edgy, upbeat and punk rock and it was definitely reflected in the Fashion Week style in 2017. Among the various styles, the following are some hairstyles I feel are among the best ones to try from the New York Fashion Week 2017. 


Trend Alert: Bell sleeves are back

Hello 2017!  They are currently seen all over the fashion- and blogosphere: The bell sleeves.; Bell Sleeves. Voluminous bell sleeves were seen on the runways at A/W16 Fashion Weeks and the trend also rolled over into S/S17 collections. The extra-flowy bell sleeve is going to be a huge trend this year and makes dressing up or down a little more exciting, whilst giving a nod to the much loved 70’s trend.


In Spring Mood

Finally spring decided to visit New York City! This weekend the weather was absolutely amazing it was so warm, that it almost felt like warm June days. But well I won’t complain about that, since for me it could be like this all the time. Now just let’s hope it will last now for some days… weeks…or rather months haha…