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The Best Hairstyles to Try

Best Hairstyles

New York’s Fashion Week has been one of the best, featuring a lot of hairstyles and clothing styles that are easy to wear in everyday life. For me, New York style has always been the definition of edgy, upbeat and punk rock and it was definitely reflected in the Fashion Week style in 2017. Among the various styles, the following are some hairstyles I feel are among the best ones to try from the New York Fashion Week 2017. 

The Messy Lob

Perfect for that grunge, punk look, the messy lob was a staple in the New York Fashion Week. Simply dirty your hair, with products or let it happen naturally and use a straightener to flip the ends up. Pair up with some leather or jeans jackets and some knee high boots and go stomp around. This is the perfect look for casual days but it won’t do too well for semi-causal or formal events. For an ultra boho-grunge feel, pair it with a thick head band.


Sleek Waves

Wavy hair never goes out of fashion but these waves were to die for. Lustrous and slicked back at the same time, the trick with these was that they were created mid shaft. To get the same look, use a shine spray and sea salt spray on damp hair, part your hair and slick it back. Now use a curler to lightly curl your hair mid-shaft. Keep an eye on the heat, damp hair tends to burn easily. Once you’re happy with the waves, spray some hair spray to keep them in place. This is perfect for almost any occasion.


Slicked Back Ponytail

Show off that gorgeous bone structure with the help of a slicked back pony tail. It’s a rather understated style that is extremely high-fashion and ultra-chic too. To do this, use thickening spray on the roots and brush all your hair up towards your crown and secure it with two pony tails for added volume. Use a toothbrush and spray some hair spray on it and brush your hair with it to catch any stray baby hair. For an extra sleek look, straighten the pony tail and add some shine spray for a sleek look.


Ballerina Buns

Hair buns have always been a favourite whether they are sported in Fashion Week or not but these buns in the Pamella Roland collection were extremely gorgeous. To make these, all you need to do is to tie your hair in to two pony tails, on the top and bottom of your head. Now twist the pony tails around, counter clock wise to the base and secure them in one giant bun with the help of some bobby pins. For maximum shine, make sure you add a bit of styling cream that has a glossy finish to it. If you can’t find that cream, just a shine spray.

These are some of my favourite hair style looks. Let me know which ones were yours and why in the comments below.