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klaustini Cocktail

There’s only ONE Klaustini and it’s made with Gin, Elderflower, and secret ingredient, all others are just cocktails!

It was created in New York which I named it after myself.
Whatever its actual origins, it’s been seen at RUE57, mentioned by many people so far. Of course, the average martini cocktail glass is the 3 ounce variety instead of the 7 ounce found in most bars nowadays. Still, imagine trying to conduct business after downing 5 of our present day Martinis!
Stir, Don’t Shake - With respect to Mr. Bond, a Martini really is best stirred.  Stirring cocktails gives them a nice, even, silky texture, as opposed to shaking, which creates a murkier texture.  Stirring also avoids diluting the drink too much and keeps it more concentrated.  These are all ideal factors for stronger, spirit forward, sipping cocktails like the Martini, where the subtleties in the booze are the star of the show.

Klaustini Cocktail 

Plus secret ingredient 
Cucumber slice, for garnish
Stir all the ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the thin cucumber slice.