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Why female fashion models don't wear undergarments?

They wear thongs for hygiene, but why should they wear bras?
It has nothing to do with attracting viewers, because few if any models wear bras during runway shows ever,
 and they are rarely on TV.

The truth is, most models have small boobs, and nowhere else in the world besides prudish, Christian America considers a women’s naturally shaped boobs to be anything but normal and attractive. Bras simply don't look good under clothing, and most small chested women are far more attractive without them.

As for sheer tops being sold with linings in Bloomingdales, it amuses me how designer shave to change their clothes and advertising just for the American audience. The rest of the world doesn't have such a juvenile, perverse fear and fascination with a woman's nipples. Most of the civilized world's young women sunbathe topless.