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Klaustini is a fashion blog that shows a different perspective of New York. Discover the hidden wonders of the city and find out how one should enjoy New York in all its totality. I am confident that Klaustini will stand out easily from the rest of the competition, largely because it offers unique content as well as shows you just how lovely, fashion oriented, and crazy New York actually is. Whether you’re visiting New York or have lived here for years, come take a closer look at this amazing city with me.

Founded in 2017 Klaustini is your one-stop blog, crafted to provide you with the best in terms of fashion, food, and unraveling the mystery that is New York. The Big Apple has a long history of being one of the most diverse cities. From Russians, Italians, Germans, Polish, Indians and more, the city is home to thousands of immigrants who moved here with a dream in their hearts. My parents made the same journey with me in tow. 

I was born and raised in Germany in Cologne before making the move to Manhattan, NYC. While being an immigrant in New York is nothing new, it made a significant impact in shaping me.My work experience at my father’s firm also proved invaluable in teaching me and expanding my perspective about business as well as style. Embracing the entrepreneurial mindset that New York supports, I’ve got to say that this city makes one believe that nothing is impossible.
Even as an entrepreneur, I know that true success lieinlistening to your head while following your heart. Working in NYC as a designer, I have always looked for inspiration. In New Yorkit comes in many different forms, and is evidentparticularly in the style & fashion of New YorkersThis blog was born when a friend once asked me what hobby I was passionate about and I realized I didn’t have a good answer to give him. 
This predicament made me realize that there was a definite need for me to pursue my interests in style and it was that conversation that led me to start a blog. I started Klaustini, the blog, with no one in mind but myself. The main goal behind it was to start a fashion blog and make it famous. I do understand the challenges I face since, contrary to popular belief, blogging is hard work. Similarly, know I’m entering a niche market that is so oversaturated at the moment that I will struggle to find room to breathe. The competition and the noise is endless but I am truly earnest in the hope of crafting a blog that reflects my passion.

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