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Personal Style & Shopping

If you’re tired of the old you and want a whole new look, it might be time to indulge in a little shopping to update your wardrobe. However, if you do not understand your body shape as well as how execute your sense of style through your clothes, you’re going to need a personal shopper.
With a personal shopper, you can do a complete closet cleanse or you can opt to get it as a separate service in order to simply spruce up your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to incorporate the latest fashion trends for the season, want to look sharper for a new job or simply want to embrace a newer state of mind, try personal shopping with me.

Personal Shopping with Klaustini
Using my sense of fashion as designer, I can not only guide you but also work within your given budget. Fashion doesn’t mean going broke and I will provide you with the best tips on how to purchase clothes, shoes, and accessories that will fit seamlessly with the image you desire. For each shopping trip, I will discuss a pre-planned route of all the stores that can have the items you require in order to use your time efficiently.

Shop and Explore New York City
Are you new to NYC? Traveling alone or in a group? If you want to explore NYC, get in touch and I’ll help plan the best shopping tour for you! Let me make exploring the Big Apple fun for you and showcase all the wonders in this amazing city.
Join me and I will show you New York City’s famous shopping areas including the specialty boutiques in SoHo, Madison Avenue’s staples renowned for their iconic fashion. If high fashion is not your cup of tea,we can head down to Willamsburg. Situated in Brooklyn, the neighborhood is renowned for its trendiness in street art and fashion. My ‘Shop with Klaustini’ tours are carefully crafted to accommodate all your fashion needs as well as discover the fashion culture that lies at the heart of the City that Never Sleeps. For more information about tour rates and discuss the tour itinerary that can even be personalized according to your needs, feel free to email me at: [email protected] OR visit our Contact page here.

Commission Based Shopping for You
New York City is a busy bustling place and not everyone has the time to attend the amazing sales. If you’re unable to go to a sale or if lack a store in your city means that you have to miss out on a limited edition item that has been released in NYC only - I can help you out.
Send me an email mentioning the product, store as well as all your sizing details and I will find it for you. I will find the items for you and and ship them to you on your given address.
Keep in mind this is a commission based service and commission pricing will be applied to it. Commission-based pricing is based on the total amount for the item(s), the charges for shipping as well as a fee of 20% for personal shopping.
Whether you are interested in working with me, want to book a tour or need to get in touch with me with any other fashion related shopping dilemma, feel free to leave me a note or email me at: [email protected].
Thank you for your interest in Shopping with Klaustini. I look forward to hearing from you!

contact: [email protected] OR visit our Contact page here.